Emilio Botero

Stanford Aero/Astro Postdoctoral Scholar

Snowboard Racer

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Emilio Botero

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Expertise in aircraft design methodologies and tools for unconventional vehicles, multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization, probabilistic graphical models, and software development. Ph.D. research is into developing a framework for probabilistic generation of new vehicle designs from data.

SUAVE Lead Developer

SUAVE is a conceptual level aircraft design environment built with the ability to analyze and optimize both conventional and unconventional designs. This capability is achieved in part by allowing analysis information for aircraft to be drawn from multiple sources. Lead Developer and Forum Moderator.

Stanford Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics Officer

WIAA is an inclusive group that supports women in the Aero/Astro department through community building, networking, and advocacy. Amazing programming such as Stanford Mixology, lunches with professors, qualifying exam preparation, mentoring, and so much more. Proud to have served as Co-President and Financial Officer.

Commercial Pilot

Airplane Multiengine & Single Engine Land: Instrument Airplane
FAA Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI)


Commercial Intra-City On-Demand Electric-VTOL Status of Technology

Conceptual Design and Optimization of Small Transitioning UAVs using SUAVE

SUAVE: An Open-Source Environment Enabling Multi-Fidelity Vehicle Optimization

SUAVE: An Open-Source Environment Enabling Unconventional Vehicle Designs through Higher Fidelity

Comparing Different Off-the-Shelf Optimizers’ Performance in Conceptual Aircraft Design

SUAVE: An Open-Source Environment for Conceptual Vehicle Design and Optimization

SUAVE: An Open-Source Environment for Multi-Fidelity Conceptual Vehicle Design

Effect of Taper Ratio at Low Reynolds Number

Effects of surface flow visualisation on aerodynamic loads at low Reynolds number